It’s as Simple as Black and White.

Yesterday on the 17th January 2015 there was a March for Lolita in Miami.
Lolita is an Orca Whale who has been held captive in the Seaquarium, Miama for 44 years, what is worse is that she performs the same dumb performance 3 times a day for dead fish.

I tried to imagine this as part of my life, I teach English to children in South Korea and I see different kids with different levels and different textbooks every day. So I thought how horrid it would be to see the same snotty kids, having the same conversations, answering the same questions 3 times a day and not even for freedom, not even for my weekends, not even for a comfortable home. I do it for dead fish that I would catch in the wild in a much more interesting way, it is my nature to dive deep to hunt for live fish.
I don’t get a day off, I sit in a bath tub waiting for the same class to come back and do the same thing again and again. BnNDuKYIIAEsrDj

Hugo, another captive whale in with Lolita for 10 years with whom Lolita did have intercourse with but no babies were produced, died from Aneurysm Cerebral Artery in 1980. He bashed his head against the concrete wall repeatedly either out of boredom or in an attempt to commit suicide, suicide isn’t a ridiculous concept when you think that Orca whales are possible as smart as chimpanzees if not smarter, more intelligent than us? I am going to go with yes since we are the ones who pay good money to see someone stand on an Orca’s stomach rather than go on one of the epic tours that exist to see Orcas in the wild..
God we are dumb.

I went to one because I was dumb.
I went to Seaworld in Florida about 10 years ago and watched the amazing Orca Whale dance and bounce and perform. It’s dorsal fin bent from being in captivity something that is a very rare occurrence in the wild because of the space to move and jump and dive and exercise.
I read that their collapsed dorsal fins are comparable to us going to the gym, if we work a muscle with weights it will become strong and muscular if an Orca Whale exercises its dorsal fin it will become strong and muscular too.

100% of captive males have collapsed dorsal fins.

Many people find it disrespectful when animal rights is compared to human rights. I personally am very careful not to use the word ‘holocaust’  when I refer to animal rights even though by definition holocaust means ‘destruction or slaughter on a mass scale’.
(Picture by Colin Culbreth)
Some people at the March yesterday chose to be open and frank and compare the Lolita captivity to the slavery of the 18th and 19th century. To those who choose a life of ignorance this also seems disrespectful but for those who choose to see the cruelty that exists in this entertainment it is a very obvious comparison.

I was teary eyed when seeing some of the beautiful talks at the March yesterday, here is one describing the release plan for Lolita.
Seaquarium, Miami has been on TV announcing that Lolita will certainly die if she is released.
My answer to this is , if she dies she will die free.
Is her death in the ocean, in her own home worse than the death of Hugo who bashed his head against a concrete wall?

Seaquarium is scared, they are trying to use any means necessary to stop people being compassionate and to keep the money coming in. They have absolutely no right to even have an opinion on this since they are the ones who forced her into this life in the first place.

They should be shamed into silence.

I am not American but I feel strongly tied to America since I married one, my only good excuse for this is that he is incredibly good looking, and I do feel that as a country they have a huge amount of faults. I used to see it as the greatest country on earth but unfortunetly this is far from how I see it now for many reasons but if they pull together and manage to free Lolita, if the incredible March held in Miami yesterday makes history I will sing  the American national anthem! (well one verse anyway let’s not get ahead of ourselves 😉 )
America has the chance to show the rest of the world that it is leaps and bounds ahead.
As that wonderful Statue of Liberty says
“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..”


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