A Year of Volunteering

Good morning WordPress it has been a while. I haven’t written for so long and yet I quite like writing-you can say it all on one sheet of paper and no one-ok everyone- can judge you.

After moving to the UK-which we did in July 2015- I decided not be a journalist after applying and being accepted into the UWE in Bristol. This was a big moment for me as being accepted on the merit of my interview was incredibly ego boosting but then I got to thinking of money (lack of) and timing and it all was just not right. My American husband got a teaching job in Kent and so here we live.

I have quit my job as a Talent Acquisition Consultant-Fancy-and applied to work with 3 charities, Porchlight, a homeless charity. Age UK, a charity for the elderly, and MIND for those with mental health issues. Porchlight and Age UK have been extremely interested in the fact that I would like to be a Social Worker and said that they would take full advantage of this which means I will be busy but also, hopefully have doors opened for me.

I am in a precarious situation at the moment, the University of Kent have advised me that with a 2:2, this year (as in NOW) may be the last year that they can be flexible and I can be accepted onto the programme. After much thought and getting ready to apply today I have decided that it is worth the risk. I have committed to these 3 charities and want to continue with the original plan.

I would like to document my year as this may be a good way to prove my willing and commitment to carving a career in Social Care.


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