Today I started my volunteering for Porchlight. This charity mainly deals with homelessness but in quite a broad way. What I gathered today is that in this one area (which is called Live Well Kent) Porchlight have joined forces with Shaw Trust and work under the Kent County Council (KCC) and the NHS to provide support for people whether this be with housing, employment or even just finding a social circle of friends.

We were meant to have about 5 or 6 appointments today but only 2 men turned up. I won’t repeat why they came but it is clear that there are a lot of people who need help either a lot of a little. And I need to learn to be very neutral in my interactions. It is hard not to have judgements or to agree and disagree but that will be my job. To simply listen, to note and to refer.

I shadowed a lovely girl called Gemma, who is currently the ‘Community Link Worker’ but will leave soon to return to university and in her place will be a young guy so I hope by the time he comes in I understand it all a little better.

I will be working with them on a Wednesday in Tunbridge Wells and a Friday in Tunbridge.


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